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The motivation behind our commitment to providing quality shoes for your babies is inspired by the struggles faced by our brand owner as a mother of an infant. She shares her heartwarming story below:
“I’m a mum of a two-year old, Nelka. When Nelka started to walk, It was a hassle getting the perfect shoes for her. What I wanted were quality shoes that have a good arch support, possess exquisite designs and won’t wear off in a week or two. I couldn’t get any that perfectly fits the profile of what I wanted. It was difficult finding shoes that possess these three qualities as a whole. Worried for my Nelka, I got to the drawing board, devoted myself to research and sketched designs of baby shoes. That was the birth of Little Bees as shoe brand for babies. I didn’t stop there. The next thing I did was to secure a supply of non-toxic, quality materials from Europe, employ the services of shoemaking experts and set to work. Since then, my Nelka has never had to worry about what she wears on her feet. And what started as a mother trying to help her lovely child is now helping other babies all over Australia.”

At Little Bees, we create cute, comfy, and durable shoes for babies of both sexes. Choosing shoes for kids could be tricky because of factors like the toxic nature of the materials used to craft the shoes, level of comfort the shoes give, and degree to which it suits the feet have to be considered. These factors, among many others were considered when crafting our shoes. The aim is to provide your babies with podiatrist-approved, non-toxic, comfortable and well-crafted, shoes. What distinguishes us as a footwear brand for babies is that we merge safety, quality, aesthetics, and comfort into a whole.

Since we set out on our mission, we have managed to supply many babies in different parts of Australia with the best shoes of various designs. At Little Bees, we craft our shoes with non-toxic materials of the best European quality that allow for natural foot movement and comfort.

We are Little Bees, we help your baby take those little steps in a cute, safe way.