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Healthy Shoes For Your Baby

by Miroslava Vargova on August 02, 2021

At LittleBees, we care about the feet of your baby. The hassle of finding a nice, comfortable, and healthy shoe for your baby is a well-known struggle that the founder of Little Bee has shared. Which makes solving this problem the main motivation of Little Bees to produce healthy shoes for babies.

Orthopaedics have discovered that the last foot bone of a child is not formed until the child is 3 years old and until 18 years before the feet are fully formed. The soft and pliable bone in children's feet needs to be well-groomed with shoes that have a right arc to prevent deformation of the feet.

That is why Little Bees has taken it upon herself to produce quality shoes for kids when it is time for him to wear shoes.

When is the right time to get shoes for your baby?

There is no definite answer to this as every child is special and peculiar. However, there is a need to allow your child's feet on the ground when he starts to walk. It is not immediately he stands and tries to walk that you get him walking shoes. Give him time and monitor him to see when his feet have a steady grip on the floor and can now walk unaided for a while. Now he can begin to wear shoes around.

Your baby needs shoes once he starts walking around on his own to protect his feet from feet and sharp objects that might cause harm. It is also of added benefit to buying a nice pair of shoes to dress your baby and make his outfit a complete style. Little Bees has you covered here to supply the best shoes.

5 Factors Little Bees consider in designing Children's footwear 

Comfort level

The shoe must be comfortable on the kid's feet and not too tight. Children also need space to wiggle their toes in shoes. Little Bees hold this factor in high reverence as we make use of breathable materials to make children's shoes. 

Nature of the material

European standard materials are used in making Little Bees Children's shoes. These materials are European-made and certified natural materials. One of the main aims of Little Bees company is to supply non-toxic children's shoes across Australia.


What is a shoe if it does not fit your baby's feet? Little Bees shoes are designed to fit. Laces and Velcro are usually attached to shoes that fit that design to aid in the fastening of shoes to fit.


Children's shoes made by Little Bees are designed to be flexible to certain degrees as they are light weighted. This factor is necessary to allow kids to bend their feet without the fear of spoiling their shoes.


The designs of Little Bees children's shoes are exotic. They are tailored to suit the taste of children and stylish enough to stand out and make perfect style with their outfit 


Aside from baby shoes being nice, it is also important to consider the durability of the shoes. Little Bees shoes are of high quality and do not wear out easily. They are designed to last long.


We are Little Bees, we help your kid take those little steps cutely and safely with our shoes.